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We are a team of professional Metal Building Software (MBS) technicians. If you are experiencing bottlenecks caused by an out-of-date MBS or MBS Mini, we have your solution. We have worked for dozens of metal building manufacturers making their MBS work for them, instead of them working for their MBS, and we can do the same for you!

  • 50+ Years of


  • 100K+

    MBS Updates

  • 10K+

    MBS Details


New MBS Client Setup

  • Design and create drawing cover sheet
  • Design and create drawing title blocks
  • Setup coldform, trim, and sheets supplier
  • Setup mill beam and tapered beam supplier
  • Setup contract and shipper

New Remote User Setup

  • Setup Anydesk
  • Setup Dropbox
  • One click updates
  • Install MBS/Project on remote computer

Pricing Setup and Updates

  • Setup material and labor cost
  • Setup material and labor markups
  • Setup profit margins
  • Setup surface treatment cost
  • Setup cost tracking reports
  • Setup taxes
  • Setup freight
  • Setup engineering complexity
  • Setup fabrication complexity
  • Setup sales commission
  • Setup dealer discounts

Software Updates

  • FTP updates (small updates to MBS to maintain functionality)
  • Program Enhancements (large updates to MBS to add features)
  • Program Listings
  • Print Manager updates
  • Alternate databases (hot dipped galvanized, etc.)
  • Job Information updates
  • Custom drawing controls

Drawing Details

  • Erection drawings details (framing, trim standing seam, etc.)
  • Shop drawing details (clip location, weld symbols, standard notes, etc.)
  • Mini Storage Details
  • Special trim drawings

Manuals Setup

  • Standard clip and plate manuals
  • Screw-down trim manuals
  • Standing-seam trim manuals
  • Special trim manuals

Live Support

  • Anydesk
  • Email
  • Phone

Contact Us

Steel Pros. 13 West Marion Street, Pontotoc MS, 38863 United States


Steel Pros is not a licensed Engineering firm. We do not provide engineering or engineering advice. All services are provided as directed by Client's professional engineer of choice. All designs and pictures are property of Steel Pros.